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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of November 2010

Within a matter of a few weeks, I have, through the media, been reminded of the Battle of Britain, had two weeks in Rwanda where the scars of the 1994 genocide are still raw: and visited Auschwitz; what a picture of mankind this presents! Why so much violence, suffering and agony?
The root causes are found in attitudes like revenge, and the desire for power over others, such that so many ordinary people become caught up in what they would long to avoid; lives and livelihoods are desecrated, ruined and lost. As nations do we learn? History says we do not: for there is Afghanistan,… Somalia… and other conflicts which we hear little about because we don’t appear to be involved.
What lies behind all this violence, revenge and the desire for power? If we are honest it is not just other people’s problem. It is mine as well. These things lurk in us too, whoever we are, and they show in “small ways” which are easy for most of us to ignore: in the midst of our ordinary lives, in the home, in the work place, the communities in which we live, as well as being manifest amongst those who exercise power in large measure in our land and beyond. At every level it spoils.
So why are we like this? – all of us capable of both great sacrificial love and enormous brutality? Could it just be that the capacity for love is there because we are made in the image of the One who is Love, and the ability to wound is there because we are rebels to the One who is Love?
What difference might a real return to the “One who is Love” make if you and I were to take Him as seriously as He does us! Pious thought – or call for action?
Yours prayerfully, Jim Stevens

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