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Our Lady Mother Of The Saviour

1st of November 2010

Fr. Terry gets homesick…for Tanzania! As well as all his friends, he misses the whole way of life. We can only imagine the differences in life-style and attitudes. So he is going back there to his former parish for his annual holiday.
One thing Fr Terry really misses is the ringing of the Angelus Bell, reminding everyone who hears it, at sun-rise, noon and sun-set that Christ was born on Earth for us, so that all can pause in what they are doing and say a prayer.
Before every Safari a prayer is said. Fr Terry told his congregation that this would be a good preparation for a journey, in any country. Beginning anything, even entering your computer can be safe-guarded by a prayer. We smiled at this, but truly there is potential for evil as well as good in every transaction.
While Fr. Terry is in Africa, Fr Danny Burns SDS will be saying Mass for us.

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