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Community Messaging

1st of November 2010

Sign up to Hertfordshire Constabulary’s new ‘Community Messaging’ and stay in touch with your local police service – Hear it Direct from Us !

Community Messaging uses the award-winning Online Watch Link (OWL) to send regular news to anyone with a Hertfordshire home, or work, postal address.
It is a fast, straight forward and accurate way to give you direct information about how we are policing the county and about policing in your own neighbourhood.
Living or working in such a safe county, you may not feel the need for more information about policing but you may be interested to hear about a local issue that’s been dealt with, such as reducing dangerous driving near a local school, or about offensive graffiti that’s been cleared up or even to hear about opportunities in your area to meet and chat to one of your Neighbourhood officers.
After signing up, you will receive one or two messages a fortnight. Simply input your name, address and contact details on line at ‘Community Messaging – Hear it Direct from Us’ on .
If you are also interested in receiving information from your county council, delivered direct to your inbox, please visit for more information or to subscribe.

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