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1st of November 2010

Chipperfield News is looking for a young person or persons who would help Russ our Webmaster to create a local news page within the Chipperfield web site. The aim is to report on local events or items of interest in order to create an interesting, colourful and eye catching section on the web site. Russ would allocate an area on the site which would enable the reporter(s) to create and upload the finished product. Items that could be included would be photos, drawings as well as descriptive pieces. As an alternative or in addition to what is being proposed could someone build a youth section and encourage a youth statement in all the club entries which link to a youth page?
This part of the web would be complementary to the hard copy paper, and would include material that probably would not be appropriate for the paper as it might be very time dependent or include illustrations that take up too much space in the paper. Obviously there would be editorial oversight over what was put on the site, but in general the idea is to include material that would attract people of all ages frequently to look at the web page. There could be many ways to fulfil this initiative – let us hear of them by contacting Graham McMellin 01923 269915.

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