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1st of November 2010

Well it’s official. I am now done. I am ordained. I can now be called the Reverend Jason Gain. It was suggested that I might like to let everyone know what this event, service or act means for us in the Baptist Church and given I know very little about how others do it I thought that was a great idea. So here goes and I will make it as short as I can.
Whether you agree with the title Reverend or not the most important thing about an ordination service is first and foremost it has God at the centre and us knowing His continuing work in the world and the lives of individuals. That might sound a little pompous and I guess to some it does, but what the celebration entails is the recognition that none of us are what we are without Him and each other. The service begins with a story, well a few stories actually. Many people are involved in any call to ministry. The church I belonged to before Chipperfield are those that first recognise God’s call on my life. When I say the church I really do mean every single member deciding prayerfully that together we should explore this call. Next it is the wider church, the associated church representatives (of good standing of course) do likewise but with a little more rigor. Onwards and upwards.
The next step to the beginning of my journey is to be accepted by the Baptist Union in the form of one of the ministerial colleges and in truth I will never really know how I managed to pass at all. As I said this is only the beginning and here is where Chipperfield comes in. Much like the church decision to explore ministry with me, all the members of Chipperfield Baptist Church must decide whether or not I am called to be their minister.
For Baptists it is the Baptist Church, nationally and locally, that sees God at work in any individual and acts upon it. The act of ordination, and everything this entails, is done by, yes, individuals but as representatives of all those that have been a part of the journey. The importance of all these people in the recognition of and their involvement in my call, and the shaping of my gifts and ministry are reflected in the service itself. Every single person, Christian or not, are part of this story. Baptist ordination is not about one individual but about us all recognising our responsibility to each other.
When we see how each person in any community is of value and that God can speak through them, then we know what it is to truly be ourselves. This story to ordination didn’t start here in Chipperfield and is not going to end here. Wherever we are we all have a duty to recognise, support and encourage everyone to be who God wants and calls them to be. Love, Jason, The Man in the Manse

Church News

The Ordination service for our minister Rev. Jason Gain was held on October 2nd when the church was filled with people who had travelled from several parts of the country to celebrate with us. It was a really special day and the first Ordination service in our church in living memory – a day we shall never forget.
Tea was provided afterwards which gave the opportunity to chat to folk who we had not seen for some time.
The offering from our Harvest Thanksgiving service in September was sent to OperationAgri who help people in poor countries by providing tools etc and teaching them how to grow their own food so that they are not dependent on outside aid. We were also able to distribute parcels of harvest produce to folk in the village. The Family Quiz evening was great fun and raised over £200 for St. Francis Hospice.
The monthly lunch is on November 13. Please contact Brenda on 01923 269574 if you would like to join us. Rev. Bill Hewis will be talking to us about the work of the Leprosy Mission on November 21, and we have a Family Beetle Evening on the 27 so please come and share in the fun.
The Chiltern West Gallery Quire will not be coming for their usual visit this year, but our Christmas Tree Festival opens on December 5th from 2 – 4pm and we shall be very pleased to see you. See advert on page 10 for other opening days.
Our Little Angels Mums & Toddlers group is thriving, but some of the children are now at nursery class in St. Paul’s School. So if you have the care of small toddlers, why not come along to our friendly group?

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