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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of October 2010

The other day I was truly ‘taken for a ride’! It left me feeling stupid, vulnerable and annoyed. How could I have been so easily taken in? Yet at the time it was all so plausible – yes, my computer was running slowly and spasmodically…no, I am not a computer wizard… yes, it would be good to have it working properly…
But now I have come to see the reality, I am ashamed at my gullibility. Fortunately, the only lasting consequence is that my bank account is some £100 less than it should be! My son was astounded at my stupidity, told me so, but proceeded to be very supportive for which I am decidedly grateful.
Discovering we have been deceived is always far from a welcome experience, yet it happens at every level of life, from unscrupulous individuals just after a quick profit, to matters of much deeper and long term impact. Recently Tony Blair’s memoires have been published and that brings back the question of to what extent was the nation ‘deceived’ over the Iraq war…. we know that many have subsequently said, “If I had known that, I …”
As a nation we are facing the harsh realities of the deception that ever growing prosperity was achievable… and it does not stop there…. what about ‘God’? Is there ‘God’ or not? And if there is, what is ‘God’ like? Can we actually know? Some say this, and others that! Perhaps too easily we swallow what those who set themselves up as experts say, without really thinking the issue through, for it is easier to settle for what we would like things to be than to face reality. But ultimately it is the reality of things that counts.
It is easier to believe there is no God because then I cannot be accountable in that direction – or to believe God is some sort of harmless benevolent grandfather, so basically I can ignore this figure…
Now am I – who one might say has a vested interest – setting out to deceive…?
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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