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1st of October 2010

Colin Chambers, Trees and Woodlands Officer for Dacorum writes –
In July we looked at Frog and Apostles Ponds for the purpose of planning what we would do during September and October. Frog Pond, tucked away behind a hedge on the Manor House side of The Common (road) is unknown to many who frequent Chipperfield Common but is one of the five Chipperfield ponds and holds its water all the year round.
In August the Friends of Chipperfield Common took a break from their usual activities and met again on Sunday 5 September. Frog Pond had disappeared from view, the hedge that was laid some years ago grown up and the pond completely filled with bur reed. Within three hours an entrance and path round the pond had been created, the hedge cut and laid ‘to county standard’ and the majority of the bur reed had been pulled out of the pond. Amazing what seven people armed with good hand tools can achieve.
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 23 September when we will concentrate on Apostles Pond, clearing some of the non native and invasive Fringe Lily and coppice a few willows round the edge.
Popsi Stokes writes –
As a Friend of Chipperfield Common I would like to add that Colin said  at the beginning ,”once you have worked on a pond , you feel you own it” and he is so right!
We were all left with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and ownership at the end of our exertions. The pond looked really good and the laid hedge means the pond can now be seen from the road so we can keep an eye on it!
It is a great feeling and we would welcome any volunteers who would like to join us.

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