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1st of October 2010

October is a special time for all of us at Chipperfield Baptist Church. The event that will see this month unlike any other that we, as a church, have experienced will be my ordination service on Saturday the 2nd of October. Yes, you have read correctly. If you have followed my rambles over the past three years you would be aware that for some time now I have been their student minister and so have been practising my ministering on the poor unsuspecting members of the Baptist Church. You have in some way been party to my trials and tribulations with my college endeavours and subject to the way my mind works (you should try living with it).
However, I joke when I say ‘my ministering’ because it has not been about me. It has not actually been about me at all. I can never take any credit for the call of God on my life. I didn’t deserve it and certainly couldn’t have done it without the knowledge that God was at the very heart of all that has happened. I know that I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like doing this without Him and would not consider doing it if He wasn’t with me now.
Even more so this event is about the church. Back in August 2007 none of us knew each other very well at all. The church prayerfully responded to God and they took this apprehensive and unknown quantity into their lives with, I am sure, just as much anxiety as I had. They not only got me, they got my family as well and they have taken us into their lives with huge amounts of grace and love. For that I can only thank them and God for all that they have done. It is every member of the congregation that has taught me more about myself, the church and God. The things I have learnt at college have given me a framework but the reality of being Church can only be learnt with real people and in real relationships.
It was in response to God together that the journey was begun and it is in response to Him again that we all look to the future. Recognising what God has done is the only way to continue any journey because it gives us the faith to know He has always been there and will always be there, right up until the final destination. Wherever that is?
Love Jason , the Man in the Manse

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