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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of September 2010

By the end of this month, I shall be in Rwanda – my fourth visit to this lovely country, and its amazing people whose life circumstances are so very different from ours in Chipperfield. What a privilege it is to go! It is a joy to renew the friendships I have with some of the church leaders there forged on previous visits, and to be of encouragement to them in their life and service.
It is a delight to see how the church is having a very real impact on the lives of so many. I shall visit some of this work of the church, especially to see the Dispensary at Shaki in the mountainous North West of the country, a project financed by the generosity of donation in our village, which provides basic medical care in a large area where there was nothing before, and which is thus enormously appreciated.
I go by invitation of the Bishop to teach in the Diocesan Bible and Development School, where trainee local church leaders, some with only primary school education, are being instructed in hygiene, health care, and agriculture, as well as Christian preaching and pastoral care: a holistic approach to life. My role is to help train these young men and women in Biblical understanding. Their enthusiasm for Jesus, and their deep desire to grow in faith, understanding and service is truly wonderful to see, and it is exciting to see how their work back in their villages is prospering.
It is a real privilege for me to be just a small part of their development, and a real challenge to my own spiritual vitality, and to that of the society in which we in this country live! How eager are we to study scripture, understand, grow in, and live out a life that is Jesus centred?
With my greetings, and gratitude for those who will pray for me while I am away, Jim Stevens

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