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1st of September 2010

This term Playskill has piloted a group in Woodfield School Hemel Hempstead for 9 children. It has been a wonderful term with huge progress seen in the children’s skills – 74% of the children’s SMART objectives have been achieved with several children achieving way beyond them – 2 children have learnt to walk, a number have learnt to sit, feed themselves and say some words or start to vocalise. It has been very exciting work!
It is planned to now launch another group in the Autumn term, and 2 children are already on the waiting list for this. Playskill is hugely grateful to Darcorum Community Trust, Dacorum Action on Disability and Worldshapers, Heath Lane Children’s Centre, Little Hand’s Children’s Centre, Green lane Children’s Centre, The Lane’s Children’s Centre, Woodfield School and The Grassroots Fund for all the support to make this come together.
Thank you to all those within the village who have supported the work – and beyond to the Parish family of Bovingdon who had a fantastic Garden party and raffle and raised £1400 towards the work!
Andrea Clarke
Team Leader Playskill/Paediatric Physiotherapist

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