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Letters To The Editor

1st of September 2010

Dear Editor
On the evening of Tuesday 20 July our little black cat, Millie, was knocked down by a car on Kings Lane.  Thanks to the kindness and decency of Mr and Mrs Joslyn (Mr Joslyn was driving the car) who took Millie to the emergency vets and the neighbours who provided blankets and a cat box, Millie is alive and getting better every day.  We are so grateful to all those who helped.  Without you our little love would be dead.  One kind soul even offered to pay the vets bills if we hadn’t been traced! 
We are also incredibly grateful to the fabulous Mr Clark and his team at Clark and Marshall vets in Berkhamsted who patched Millie up.    Thank you also to Vets Now, the emergency vets, who took care of Millie over Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  Lastly, thank you to all Millie’s well-wishers who have called round and asked how she is.  She has a lot of friends in Chipperfield.
Vets Now were able to contact us because Millie is chipped.  I have learned a valuable lesson that it is crucial to make sure the information the chip company holds is accurate and up to date.  Also thank goodness for chips as it meant we got our cat back. 
Millie, and our other cat Dixie, mean the world to me as my husband got them for me to help me cope with my mother’s illness from cancer and her untimely death last year. May I therefore again express our heartfelt gratitude to all those involved in helping Millie.
Yours sincerely,
Vicky and Keith Simkins, The Cottage, Chapel Croft, Chipperfield

Joyce & Arthur Ellery write:
September 3rd will be our Golden Wedding (no presents please). We should love to invite many friends but age and infirmity prevent this. Arthur, much slowed-down, is reasonably well, but Joyce has had a bad time recently – in addition to Parkinsons and the side effects of medication, she had a fall badly fracturing her left wrist. She is now slowly recovering from a urinary tract infection.
It would be a joy if friends could spare a moment to think about us at or around this time (perhaps with a glass of wine?) and remember us in their prayers.
Joyce & Arthur, 7 Church Drive, Orton Waterville, Peterborough PE2 5EX.

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