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St Paul’s School

1st of July 2010

Village Day
For those of you who came you will have seen our performance of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ at Micklefield Hall.
We performed this at the Dacorum dance competition a few months back and thought it would be perfect for this occasion.
Once again we would like to give a special mention to Mrs Smith for making it all happen and choreo-graphing the dance. We would like to thank everyone who put effort in to making it a great day.
Sophia Rees

A couple of days ago we took part in a JFK group cricket festival. There were nine of us in the team and we all played extremely well together. The team was made up of five Year 6’s and four Year 5’s: Oran, James L, Zac, Harry, Sophia, (Year 6) and James S, Scott Louis M and Adam (Year 5).
Oran, Harry, Zac and Sophia got nominated for being star performers but Mrs Smith thinks we all are! We won the tournament and are now going through to the finals!
We would like to thank Mrs Smith and Kevin Poole for taking us.
Sophia Rees

A few weeks ago Year 4 went to Kingswood, a place where there are activities like quad biking, abseiling, rock climbing and much, much more! We all had great fun on the activities but some were too frightening and some people did not go on. We had nine people per dormitory and they were so nice we did not want to come out of them! Our all time favourite activity was night line where you had blind folds on and you had to make your way round this obstacle course but everyone kept on falling or tripping over a tyre. Year 3 are getting excited already about next year when they go there. Our class really enjoyed it very much and Mrs Stray, Mrs Turner and Miss Franklin all enjoyed it too!
Katie Matthews

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