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1st of July 2010

As I sit here writing I am scanning the BBC news website. It’s 1 June 2010 and there is not a great deal on the website to cheer me up. You can read about the BP oil leak and the likely effects on wildlife. There are headlines about the Israeli raid on the Palestinian aid ships and the Kurdish rocket attack on a Turkish naval base. One talks about the killing of a prominent al-Qaeda leader and another the death of a UK soldier in Afghanistan. Closer still to home other headlines include the continuing work of police investigating the murders of three women in Bradford and the violence on British streets after closing time.
You can’t help but think all is not well in this world of ours. All is not going to plan. We have been told by politicians and world leaders that we (meaning them) can make a difference. That they will work to produce an age where all will be better for everyone. That peace and harmony will be ours if we only just hope in them. We are promised that all we need to do is trust them and the ills of the world will be vanquished to history. Each one of us will be protected from harm and have enough so that we will never need again. We are promised Utopia.
Now that sounds great, doesn’t it? A life given to us that means no more strife, pain, sadness, hate and need. I can’t help thinking something is not quite right. Now what is it? What can it be? Oh, I know! I am beginning to see the flaw in all this. It may be a surprise to you but I am feeling a little uncomfortable with my conclusion. You see the biggest fault line in all this is ME. I am not being hard and down on myself but I have to recognise that I cannot leave these things to others. I cannot discharge my responsibility to others. Am I capable of changing the world? That sounds a bit farfetched but when things aren’t great “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”* If we are created in the image of God then we must be capable of some pretty amazing things don’t you think?
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse
*Edmund Burke

Church News
We were fortunate to have the sun shine down on us for the May Fair so we were able to have the stalls outside. It was good to see so many folk enjoying their cream teas and chatting to their friends. It was a very successful afternoon which raised £607 for Church funds. Our thanks to everyone who helped in so many ways.
Our Family Beetle Evening which was to be on 12 June has been postponed in favour of England! It will now be on Saturday 24 July at 6.30pm. The proceeds will go to Help for Heroes. So, book your tickets well in advance. (See advert on another page).
We wish you all happy holidays.

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