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St Paul’s School

1st of April 2010

Pirates Week
On 1-5 March it was Pirates Week at our school. We had loads of fun linking all our lessons to pirates and enjoyed sharing our work at the end of the week. In February the year sixes were busy planning two workshops, both maths, one an outdoor treasure hunt and the other an indoor workshop. On Friday we were allowed to come dressed as pirates; there were some friendly pirates, mean pirates, scary pirates, and a Captain Jack Sparrow! It was a great week and we all can’t wait for some more themed weeks!
James Matthews

School Sports Stars
Ella Broadfield (Yr3) has recently been a school sports star by being selected for the county tennis team, and being such a great tennis player. Oran Swales (Yr 6) another super star is playing district football and also in the district cricket team!!! And another super star is Sophia Rees (Yr 6) who has been selected for the county cricket team! WELL DONE ELLA, ORAN AND SOPHIA!!
Bella Kear

Rock Challenge
On the 25 February we performed our Rock Challenge which was a great success.
We managed to get 11 awards which included excellence for: best stage crew, best costume design, hair and make up, best drama skills, excellence for entertainment, for choreography, concept of originality, excellence for the lighting plan, excellence for performance skill, community support and finally excellence in sound track.
Getting 11 out of 12 was brilliant. On the night everyone was very nervous and scared. We all looked brilliant in our costumes and our hair and make-up was done.
We would like to thank people who helped us with Rock Challenge.
“It was very exciting and fun!” said Lucy Olley from Yr5.
“We had loads of fun!” Jessica Deacy quoted from Yr5.
Chloe Wickes

Royal Albert Hall Trip
On 7 March our year sixes were very privileged to go and sing at the Royal Albert Hall. It took a lot of rehearsals and time to get our voices up to that standard, but in the end we got there and we were all very proud. We sung Life is a wonderful thing, Hey Jude, The Olympic Dream, You are my brother, Pets, and a selection of native songs. The orchestra were sensational and we would like to thank Miss Franklin and Mrs McKenzie for taking us.
Sophia Rees

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