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1st of April 2010

Carrying on from last month’s musings, boy am I glad spring is here. Gone are the dreary dark nights of winter. Gone are the cold winds laced with snow and ice. Gone are the gloves, scarves and heavy coats. Gone are the stark bare trees and the lack of colour. Welcome the bright longer days. Welcome the warm sun and gentle breezes. Welcome the light clothing and easy ways. Welcome the splash of colour and life abounding.
Amen and Hallelujah!
It is no wonder that Easter appears on the scene in spring. I know the historical inaccuracies of when. I get the link with other religious observances. I understand the modern commercial intrusions. But it is no wonder that the need of humankind over the centuries has been to celebrate the new life that is so obviously expressed when spring comes. After the drab and gloomy experience of winter and the harshness experienced in the months before spring, you can’t blame anyone from wanting to celebrate what is a blossoming and much welcomed change of circumstances.
And in Jesus Easter is about just that. When you know that things are not quite right in your world. When you are sick and tired of facing the coldness that life seems to throw at you. When you are weighed down with stuff that never satisfies. When you look and see nothing but monotonous and arid meaning. Welcome and celebrate the change that Easter brings. Welcome and celebrate the warmth and colour of purpose and meaning. Welcome and celebrate true satisfaction of knowing you are loved. Welcome and celebrate that at Easter God in Jesus Christ brings about a change of circumstance for every one of us.
Amen and Hallelujah!
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Church News
The first of our “Emmaus” evening services was held in February. This was cafe style when we consumed lots of coffee and cake! There was an open time of discussion about our faith, and what it means to us in the differing circumstances of our lives. Our next “Emmaus” service is on April 18th so why not come and join us?
The annual May Fair is on May 22nd from 2pm with all the usual stalls and maybe one or two surprises! Of course, there will be the traditional Baptist cream teas. Please note this important date in the life of our church now and come along if you can. We realise there are other events on that day but we hope you will be able to support them all.
If you would like to attend our monthly lunch, you will be most welcome. Contact Brenda on 01923 269574 to book your place.
News of the Women’s World Day of Prayer service and our Quiz Evening in next issue of “Chip News”

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