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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of March 2010

Making predictions can be a very risky business in any sphere of life; in weather forecasting, in sport, in finance, in assessing market response, in politics….. whatever!
As each month I come to write something for Chipperfield News (four weeks before publication) I often struggle as I want to say something which is up to date, relevant at the time of reading…..”News” for Chipperfield! The gift of prophecy would be helpful!
That thought made me think about the prophets whose words we can read in the Bible. Yes, there were times when they spoke about the future, especially about the coming of Jesus, but mainly their role was to remind their hearers of what they already knew, and to call them to live in the light of such knowledge, not to ignore it!
So, in this month of March, what “News” is it worth revisiting? As the month comes to an end we find ourselves at Good Friday and Easter, days recalling the historical reality of Jesus crucified and risen – alive for evermore. No fable this, but real good news for today. Here we find the amazing offer of a deep and real “Father – son/daughter” relationship with the amazing creator God, the assurance of past failures and mistakes forgiven, wisdom for daily life, and unshakeable promises for the future: by no means the promise of an easy life but one with real purpose and dynamism.
I invite you dear reader, whoever you are, to revisit this News, or perhaps for you it may be a first look. Dig out your Bible (or borrow one; preferably in modern English) and give yourself time to read slowly and thoughtfully a chapter of Luke’s gospel each day of this month. Perhaps you might dare to do this as a household and see what together you discover. Here is “News” which is bang up to date!
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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