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Queen Street

1st of March 2010

As the Village Design Statement puts it, Queen Street consists of a number of Victorian cottages constructed of red brick with tiled roofs, and although they have been modernised and extended, the original character of the street is still evident and attractive to film crews wishing to capture the atmosphere of the 19th century.
It is a private road, the upkeep of which has to be paid for by the residents, and many readers will be aware that extensive resurfacing works have recently taken place. The road was not, and is not, designed to take heavy traffic, and the large number of cars which tend to use the end of the road as a turning circle has had a serious effect on the surface, as will have been evident from the enormous puddles which developed over the past few years. The residents of Queen Street have issued a plea for drivers not to turn round in the entrance to the road, in order to avoid the need to repeat the – expensive – repair works too soon, and would be enormously grateful for your help in this.

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