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2nd of September 2009

Chipperfield Common Wins Further Green Flag Award
In 2008, in cooperation with Dacorum Borough Council (DBC), we won the prestigious Green Flag award for Chipperfield Common and the five year Common Management Plan. For the last year we have been engaged with DBC in a programme of updating the management plan to ensure that it properly reflects the special nature of Chipperfield Common, its origins, its position at the heart of a working village and the wide variety of local fauna and flora. In particular we have also addressed the recommendations of the Green Flag judges. In May we published a revised plan and on June 2 the judges came to inspect progress. The judges were presented with the new plan and together with our partners from DBC, Council members toured The Common and woodland to a carefully planned route. It was a thorough inspection and fortunately, it was also a beautiful sunny day. At the start and finish of the tour we were made welcome by the new management at Blackwell’s. Since the Blackwell family donated the Common and funded the creation of Blackwell’s working men’s club, this was an appropriate part of the tour. An unexpected bonus was when we reached the Apostles Pond, a class from St Paul’s School were having a nature lesson there. One little boy declared knowledgeably, looking at his well prepared notes, that the insect they had just caught in their net was a water boatman. The judges were impressed.
Your Council are pleased to inform you that on July 6 we were informed that we were successful in maintaining our Green Flag status for the Common. May we take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed their efforts to this success and a special thanks to the pupils of St Paul’s for their natural, unrehearsed enthusiasm (Scientists in the making?).

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