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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

2nd of July 2009

Theatre can be an amazing way of communicating – setting before us clearly (and often with humour) all sorts of things which just words struggle to do.
Recently Riding Lights Roughshod Theatre Company presented a series of dramatic sketches in Latimer. One of these featured three people, each representing three key things of life – birth, marriage and death. The sketch spoke powerfully about how we approach each one. I wish I could “show” it to you. But I can’t, so words will have to suffice.
We prepare for an impending birth with much anticipation … we prepare for marriage with excitement (or are we too distracted by just the wedding?) and maybe a degree of nervousness!… but what about death?
If the lifespan of my father and grandfather are anything to go by, I am 75% of the way through my time on earth! That could be quite a morbid thought, and one I sense we don’t wish to face. Why is that? It might just be that what is to come is much more wonderful than what I have now! One day will be the day I die!
So what will we face? Well, if there is no Creator, no “God”, as many would say, then this life is all that I have. Someone commented, “in that case life is worse than a bad joke, for it offers me much and ultimately takes everything away!”
But if there is a Creator, who gave me the gift of life, was that not given with a purpose for me to discover and enjoy? And where is it meant to take me? Many just assume everything will be OK after death (“I’m sure Fred is “up there” looking down on us, enjoying a G and T!”) but is that so? We would be wise to check it out! Few of us would get on a train not knowing where it was heading!
Can we know? Firmly rooted in history is the death and resurrection of Jesus – an unique and unparalleled event. He should know – and what he has to say on the subject is quite clear. Yes, life here is for living, of course – but where is it heading? – and what is the relationship between how I live now… and what happens then?
How about checking out what Jesus said for yourself? …preparing yourself….for there could be a real difference (either way) between what I think, and the reality! and it matters. With my prayers,
Jim Stevens

New Memorial Wall at St.Paul’s
The new memorial wall in St.Paul’s Garden of Remembrance will be dedicated as part of the 10.00am morning service on Sunday 26th July. All are welcome. Anyone wishing to have a plaque made and placed on the wall is invited to ask in writing for the appropriate forms from Jim Stevens at the Vicarage. Orders received by 31st July will be sent to the manufacturers in early August.

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