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2nd of April 2009

We are delighted to welcome Fr. Terry Cantwell. He arrived with no fanfare and fitted into a setting which must be very familiar to him after all these years of visits, staying with his brother in the Church House.
Speaking at his first Sunday Mass, Fr. Terry told us that he had been in Tanzania from the age of 25. But the close links between his African parish and the Chipperfield community had eased this complete change. We in the congregation were just happy that he has come, and relieved that he didnt preach to us in Swahili.
Another pleasing piece of news is the Fr Jan Bac, who had looked after us for months, is going to be coming midweek to work with Fr. Terry. We had grown to appreciate Fr Jans quiet worth. Having both priests here is really good news for our Church.
Our thanks to Fr. Bernard and the Salvatorian Community for seeing us through since Fr. Des death.

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