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Twenty Years On

1st of November 2008

I would like to thank Sally Main for her article in last month’s issue. As Chairman of Chipperfield News since 1992, when I took over from Keith Brown, I confirm that the publication and its finances are in good order.
Some committee members have come and gone since the personalities mentioned in Sally’s article and the baton has passed to those now in post. We are all pleased and proud of the publication which, we hope, our readers appreciate. If you have any helpful suggestions, new ideas, or wish to volunteer, then please contact me directly. Inevitably we need help from the next generation if our publication is to continue to flourish.
Sally mentioned certain individuals during her time and I would like to add those involved since her retirement – Charlotte Clifford took over as editor for the following 5 years and was joined by Diane McGilvray for 3 years, before our two current editors, Liz Holliday and Anne Breen, arrived a few years ago. After Geoff Bryant’s time, Tony Briselden became responsible for business management in 1988. This is now run by Peter Corbett. Tony currently advises on IT matters. The finance aspect, previously operated by Don Newman, is being undertaken by Graham McMellin. Bill Yates handed over the advertising role to Geoff Beck and, following Geoff’s tragic death, was succeeded by Peter Waite. Popsi Stokes has a team of 28 dedicated distributors in the village, having taken over from Ruth Hare. All the above individual volunteers do a great job, together with other new members of our team.
Let me thank all concerned for their hard work and also add our appreciation to Print Run of Wembley who have regularly produced our copy on time, and to Alan Toulson, who has acted as our Honorary Lawyer from the inception of Chipperfield News. I should like to mention Elizabeth Weedon, the original editor of Unity, who then wrote on St Paul’s Church events when it became Chipperfield News, and Anne Wyburd who continued in that role, which is now being undertaken by Frank Baker. Finally, a vote of thanks to our advertisers for their support, without whom this free publication could not be provided.
Richard A. Edwards, Chairman
(tel: 01923 262549)

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