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1st of November 2008

Autumn Show
Our show was held in the Village Hall on Saturday 20 September. Despite the awful weather this summer, the past week had been warm and sunny which made the flowers and produce look at their best. The hall was filled with the most glorious floral arrangements, wonderful vegetables and flowers. Handicraft, baking, wine and the children’s sections were all well supported and extra tables had to be erected in order to cope with a very large number of exhibits.
Frank and Linda Venables swept the board with 26 first prizes, all staged by Linda as Frank was abroad on business. Many congratulations to them and all our prize winners. The success of the show is due to the very hard work of Roger Pigg, our show secretary, the committee and all the volunteers who help both before and on the day. Thank you to all of them and our exhibitors for making our Autumn Show so enjoyable and such a success.
Results: Silver Rose Bowl – Frank Venables; W. Bates Cup – Mike Leon; G.A. Usher Cup – Frank Venables; Timberlake Cup – Liz Holliday; Peter Franz Cup – Anne Fowler; Junior Challenge Trophy – Meg Ward; Mrs C.P. Brousson Challenge Trophy – Sue Tyler; Handicraft Trophy – Ann Rees; National Dahlia Society’s Medal – Mike Langston.

Talk by Terry Simmonds
We all knew Terry Simmonds and his family had been around Chipperfield for a long time, but his talk at Chipperfield Horticultural Society’s recent meeting was a revelation to most of us.
The garden design work over such a wide area and for so many years showed that designing gardens isn’t something new that only the younger generation can do, although perhaps we now have more awareness of the possibilities, especially for our own smaller plots.
It was a history of Chipperfield which was fascinating and thought-provoking – the photographs brought forth so many murmurs of recognition from the older members, and showed the younger ones just how things have changed. We are fortunate to have this record of the village, and it would be wonderful to preserve it for future generations.
How many of us realised that Simmonds grow all their own bedding plants? When we buy those trays in the spring, it adds special value to know that they really are locally grown, and used to the climate round here.
We are so fortunate to be able to source our plants and shrubs from a business which has been a landmark in the village for so many years. Dinah Johnson

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