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1st of November 2008

There is a certain beauty in November, the trees should by now be displaying the rich and varied colours of autumn. It is an awesome sight on a still, cold and misty day to see all those browns, golds, reds and oranges glowing in the low hazy sun. We can marvel at this diverse and wonderful sight, but what we are looking at is dead or dying leaves. Eventually they will fall and float to the ground, decay and be an unrecognisable part of the dirt and mud. The trees begin to look like great skeletons, stretching their thin fingers out into the air.
In November we are aware of and always know winter is coming. We have switched on the heating and the thermostats have been turned up degree by degree to ward off the chill. Big warm coats, scarves and gloves appear in what can seem just as much a cacophony of colour as those autumn leaves. We venture out less as the dark and cold nights are drawing in and darkness takes up more of the day. This is nature.
Without shedding those leaves we would not have the new growth in spring. Without the falling of the leaves to refresh the earth we would not get such a dazzling display of flowers and plants in summer. When it comes to the dark doesn’t the old phrase go “its always darkest before the dawn”?
Jesus came to bring us new life but He also said we needed to die as well. Sometimes it can be a bit of a mystery but not in this case. When those leaves fall there is always going to be more life to come and for me it always looks more impressive than before. I am no gardener but I would guess that without this natural recycling the ground could not sustain the new growth. With God there is always the certain hope that there will be new life if only we let go and that when it seems to be the darkest there is always the dawn and the sun will rise in more ways than one.
Love, Jason, The Man in the Manse

Baptist Church News
The church was splendidly decorated by a number of folk in preparation for our Harvest Thanksgiving in September. At the service we learnt more about Operation Agri, to which our offering was sent afterwards. The Macmillan Coffee morning held in our Hall was well supported, and the sum of £260 was raised for this worthy cause.
On November 29th there will be a Bazaar, to raise funds for our local Hospices, from 10.30am to 2pm in the Baptist Hall (see advert on page 8). Gifts of raffle prizes, cakes, white elephant etc will be gratefully received. Contact Grace Bignell on 01923 263487 for more details. Preparations are under way for our Christmas Tree Festival, which opens on December 13th, and the Chiltern West Gallery Quire will be here on the 14th after the Christingle Service. More about these in the next issue. Anyone is welcome to attend our monthly lunch, just contact Brenda on 01923 269574.

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