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Roman Catholic Church

2nd of October 2008

Belonging to a Salvatorian Parish has many advantages. Over the years we have met many of Fr. Des’s brother priests when they have covered for his absences and now Fr. Jan Bak, a Polish priest who has said Mass for us in the past, has come to be our Priest in Charge. He is most welcome and we are grateful to Fr. Jan himself and to the Salvatorian Order for this interim arrangement until Fr. Terry returns.
Three of our parishioners are heading for Tanzania to join the Golden Jubilee celebrations in Chingulungulu: fifty years since our Sister Parish was founded ! By a happy coincidence it is also Fr. Terry’s birthday so they will be taking two large greetings cards signed by all members of the congregation.
Later this year plans are in hand for the annual Parish Dinner which, this year, will be in honour, and fond memory, of Fr. Des.

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