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Poppy Appeal 2008

2nd of October 2008

Autumn is here again and with it Remembrancetide. The efforts of many people in the village will be concentrated this year on the fact that 90 years have passed since the end of the First World War. A dramatic presentation of scenes from that war will be performed in the Village Hall in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday (see panel on front page). All of us involved in the annual Poppy Appeal of the Royal British Legion are also conscious of the casualties since 1918 – in the Second World War, Korea, The Falklands and now Iraq and Afganistan. The wounded from all these conflicts still need care, mental and physical; some 40,000 families need support with money, housing, healthcare; the memory of those who died must be kept alive. In the case of the Second World War, were it not for them we would not be living now as free people. In other conflicts the men and women who died or were injured answered the call of duty and deserve to be honoured and respected.
So please give generously wherever you see a collecting tin, either carried to your door – probably after dark and in hideous weather – by a gallant volunteer, on a pub or shop counter or in the street. Help the Legion continue its invaluable work!
Anne Wyburd, Honorary Appeal Organiser

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