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2nd of October 2008

For those who know how writing for Chipperfield News works I am at a very real disadvantage, because I do not know how September has gone. I know, just as everyone else, that August was a real wash out. But it is September 1st and this is for the October issue. It could have been an Indian summer and we all may have had a glorious time, basking in the unexpected sunshine, or it could have gone to form and the start of autumn has been upon us.
October should go as expected, shouldn’t it? Duller and wetter? Windier and colder? but hang on, that sounds just like August ! My life can’t be any different to others when I say it is filled with expectations. I expect the sun to rise and the sun to set. I expect that when I flick a switch the lights come on. When I turn on the taps it is water and not champagne that comes pouring out. But maybe you were thinking of something else when I said expectations?
Expecting something can turn to demand. For example we may expect reasonable service or good healthcare. When it comes to it we can end up demanding those things. If we don’t have them we are at best disappointed at worst angry and insistent. We feel safe when events happen as we expect them to. A comfortable and pleasant life is in planning for the future. Anxiety and uncertainty comes when it doesn’t happen as expected and we don’t see what is around that corner.
But deep down we know that we can’t see round bends. That we are unable to know what is going to happen. I know I can’t manage the course of my expectations of life and I would guess neither can any of us. We try but something big and ugly could be just out of sight. A very true phrase was told to me years ago, when I was sure I had my life mapped out, and it has popped into my head on numerous occasions since:
“As a Christian I do not know what the future holds,but I know who holds the future”
And knowing that God will never leave me, or let me go, is an expectation I can rely on! Love Jason, The Man in the Manse
Baptist Church News
We do hope you all had happy and relaxing holidays, despite the rain experienced in so many places! Now autumn is here and church activities have begun again (that is if they ever stopped)!
There will be a report on our Harvest celebrations and the MacMillan coffee morning in the next issue of Chip News. We were very blessed by fine weather for our BBQ held in the manse garden, with terrific food, and the garden party held to raise much needed funds for our church. Thank you to everyone who provided food and other items, and for your help and support at both these events.
There are two dates to note:
• Our Family Beetle Night will be on October 18th, see advert elsewhere.
• Our Church Anniversary service on the 19th at 10-30am
Also on the 19th, there will be a more contemporary type of service at 6-30.
We warmly invite you to join us at any of these and we look forward to seeing you at the Baptist church! If you would like to attend the monthly lunch on October 11th, please contact Brenda on 01923 269574. We’ll be pleased to see you.

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