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My Boy Bill

2nd of July 2008

Oh the joys of keeping livestock! I am just about to serve dinner, asparagus fresh from the garden to start, when glancing down to the pond I see Bill, the lamb that I bottle fed, pruning the cornus behind the pond. He is out again! I turn off the grill and run down the garden. Bill tries to get back in but can’t manage it and I grab him once again and throw him over the electric fence. He has developed a talent for finding weak places in the fencing and then slipping first his nose and then the rest of him under it. Not good news! I move the spare pegs along a bit, hoping to block his passage, and return for my first course.
As I leave the table to get the main course I glance down to the pond. Bill is sniffing the alliums in my new border behind the pond! I take the chicken pie out of the oven and run down the garden. Once again Bill, who knows he should not be out, can’t get back in and has got tangled in the fence. We both get a good few shocks whilst I get him out and he is roughly put back over the fence. I find an old tent peg and try to secure the fence again. Then back for my main course!
I can not take my eyes off the window now – will I get my strawberries before he is out again? Luckily I did but Bill is a real problem. I tried not to “bond” with him while I was feeding him. No cuddles, in fact I tried not to look at him, but he still thinks I am his Mum. At one point I could hardly go down the garden because he would hear me and start bleating and trying to get out. I weaned him as soon as possible and have been using two bits of fencing and had managed to keep him in for a week, but today he is at it again! At least the other two lambs don’t follow him, their mum soon tells them off if they get too near the fence. Now I must look for some more tent pegs as that seems to have done the trick. Maybe I will get my breakfast in peace tomorrow.
Wendy Bathurst

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