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St Pauls Church Son Et Lumiere Appeal

20th of June 2008

At the Annual Parochial Church Council meeting on 27 April, we were delighted to report the fund raising project of the last 6 months had been most successful, thanks to the generosity of past and present Local Friends of Chipperfield. There will be two further organ fund raising events held in June, namely: a silver plate collection organised by the Chipperfield Choral Society on Saturday 21 June at St. Pauls Church, and a concert of popular classical music by The Chipperfield Quartet, on Friday 27 June at the Village Hall. These two events, which we greatly appreciate, will finalise our appeal.
As readers may know the new lighting was installed in December 2007 and the organ refurbishment/enhancement work is being undertaken now (May–August 2008).  Internal redecoration work at St Pauls Church is scheduled to take place in 2008/09. The Appeal gave donors the option to choose which works they wished to support, including the Mission Project in Rwanda. We are pleased to report that this, too, proved a great success – raising £14,600. In total £145,000 will have been raised and we thank all concerned for their great effort. The aim is that once the church works have been completed, we will be able to hold Organ Recitals and other musical concerts on a regular basis. Many thanks to all who have contributed.
Richard A. Edwards and Phil Waine

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