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Serving King And Country In The Great War 1914-1918

2nd of May 2008

In November this year it will be 90 years since the end of World War 1 and Chipperfield will be marking the occasion with a presentation in the Village Hall on the 8 November.
Year by year we listen to the list of the names that is read out at the Remembrance Day Service. Not being a local person, they meant little to me at first, but now after a lot of research, each and everyone becomes more personal and touching. There is a long list of names of the fallen on the War Memorial, but if you look at the two pink marble plaques on the wall facing the main door of St Pauls Church, you will find a list of all those who served and here there are 159 recorded!
The name Biggerstaff features 11 times. As an example of the terrible impact the war had on one family, I would like to illustrate the example of George and Annie Biggerstaff. In 1901, they lived in Jaggers Yard, The Common, where the Red Admiral is today. At this stage they had six sons and one daughter. All six sons were involved in the war. Fred and Arthur paid the price with their lives. Fortunately William, Albert, Stanley and a second son with the name of Arthur survived. Can anyone help to differentiate between the two Arthurs?  Later, the family moved to Chapel Croft. Does anyone know where?.
We are aiming to produce a booklet listing all those involved  in the war with details
of their lives and families. So far, we have about 17 photographs. It would be good to
increase this number to over 100! Please help us to make this a worthwhile effort. We are collecting photographs in uniform or civvies, copies of letters, anecdotes, 1914-18 addresses and family and employment details. Some people may have a group photograph, but cannot pinpoint the soldier or sailor who is their relative, but that does not matter as long as they are there. Copies will be made of the material submitted and the originals returned promptly. Please contact people who have moved out of the village.  If we do not do this now, the information will be lost for ever. So, do please help and many thanks to those who have contributed so far.
Mary Nobbs 01923 2694

Chipperfield Afternoon WI held a Fair Trade Event in March. Thanks to Asda, who gave us a basket of Fair Trade food items, we were able to see the wide range of products available; afterwards they were raffled. We held a competition of painted eggs, the winner being chosen by the number of 5p coins placed in front of each exhibit.

Melanie Brookman (from Wardrobe Wonders) spoke to the members of Chipperfield Evening WI of the need for clothes to reflect the wearer’s personality.  She explained how basic items of clothing in the wardrobe can be teamed together to provide different outfits without the need to purchase a large quantity of garments.

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