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2nd of March 2008

Christine and Steve Simmonds-Moore are the proud parents to baby daughter Sienna, born at home in Liverpool on 14 August. Christine and her American husband have just returned from a trip to North Carolina for Sienna’s American grandparents to meet their first grandchild. They returned in time for the Christmastide wedding celebration of Christine’s brother Mark to Caroline Cooper on the 29 December. Congratulations! What a wonderful time for the family all to be together! Mark and his new wife are living in Hemel Hempstead. Jacky and Terry Simmonds particularly enjoyed having all four grandchildren (Jasmine, Amelie, Alfie and Sienna Ð all born within 14 months of each other!) together at this happy time.

Congratulations to Jim Phillips of Penman’s Green who celebrated his 80th birthday on 18 January. Jim and his family spent a lovely weekend in Devon enjoying beautiful weather.

We regret to announce the deaths of both Sheila Hudson and Dave Cox last month and extend our sympathy to the members of both families. Their funerals were held on 12 February and 20 February respectively.
We hope to publish tributes to both Sheila and Dave in our next issue.

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