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2nd of March 2008

This school year we launched our new motto: “Love to Learn; Learn to Love”. We think that this summarises the two things we are trying to do as a school community. We not only want our children to learn, but to love learning, so that they have skills and attitudes which will equip them for life. We also want them to learn to love each other according to Jesus’ commandment that we love our neighbours as much as we do ourselves. As a church school, this is very important to us.
As part of developing our desire for children to love learning, we continue to take steps to make our curriculum exciting and challenging so as to engage all learners. To follow on from the French Week that I wrote about in the last edition of Chipperfield News, we have just had a fantastic Media Week in which the children had visits from film makers, radio presenters and journalists. We have made our own films, pod casts, newspapers and animations, using the latest technologies!
The village history prize this year went jointly to Lucy Luff and Charlotte Lassman from Year 5 for their amazing work on Victorian Chipperfield. The standard of work from all of our Year 5 children was exceptionally high this year and examples of their work are displayed in our entrance hall. We hope to put it on display elsewhere in the village thereafter. We thank the Parish Council and the Historical Society for their support for the children’s work.
If anyone would like to come into school as a volunteer, please let us know as there are many opportunities available. You are also welcome to share in some of our assemblies. Rev. Jim Stevens welcomes all to his Monday morning assemblies here in school at 10.10am, or you might like to come in to see one of our sharing assemblies on Friday mornings at 9.15am. At sharing assemblies, one class shares the work that they have been doing with the rest of the school so that we get to see some of the terrific work that the pupils and staff do on a regular basis.
You may have already heard that we have obtained planning permission for two new classrooms to replace the two “temporary” rooms that have been there for about 25 years! This is fantastic news for us! At the time of writing we are still waiting to hear whether our bid for funding the new rooms has been successful.
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Norah Tattersall, Headteacher

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