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Neighbourhood Watch

2nd of March 2008

Andy Reynolds is the newly appointed Watch Liaison Officer for Dacorum and takes up his post after 3 years working at Police Headquarters as Crime Reduction Officer. Andy is working to establish a new, secure data base – Online Watch Link or OWL. The OWL system will enable messages to be sent to and received from Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators by telephone, e-mail, fax and in urgent circumstances by text message.
Andy also intends to improve the exchange of information. If, for example, a member of a Neighbourhood Watch has reason to contact the police to report an incident, he is willing to interrogate police computer systems to try to provide feedback that may have been missing in the past.
There are a number of Neighbourhood Watch groups in the village and if you would like to establish one with your neighbours, contact Andy on 01442 271020 or by e-mail at

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