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2nd of November 2007

There seems to have been some speculation around the village that our website, run by Russ Evans, is about to be shut down. Nothing is further from the truth, though contributions to it have recently been at a low ebb. At present the web is kept up to date by a number of people including the Chipperfield News management who update the advertisements and organisational information. The Chairman of the Parish Council has asked for volunteers to contribute new web pages and someone to be the overall manager. I for one would welcome a replacement – a new broom who could persuade people to contribute. No skills are required, Russ does the technical bit, only a small amount of time regularly to chivvy people to update their organisations change of personnel/telephone numbers and preferably provide more information on their activity. Look up Youth Football on the website to see what I mean. Also what about contributing your views on the Bulletin Board. If you have a question please contact me on 019232699115.

Graham McMellin

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