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Green Grass All A Round

20th of October 2007

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, early September, the lambs had gone and I was grazing the two ewes and the ram on the lawn in an effort to find them some grass. Expecting the same again this year, I had arranged for the lambs to visit some friends in Kings Langley when my grass got in short supply, but with all the rain we have had I still have plenty of grass and so they will stay here until their time is up in mid October.
Many animals have benefited from the abundant growth this year, not least the blasted rabbits in the garden! They have completely undermined a neighbour�s shed, coming in to our place to feed. The Roe deer also seem to be in fine condition, and how wonderfully camouflaged their coats are. Walking in my field after it had been combined, but still had the big round bales in it ,I looked about hoping to see a Roe but saw nothing until just as we were about to enter the wood, when I spotted movement between the bales. There was a fine young Roe, perfectly coloured to match the stubble and the bales, standing , ears pricked watching us intently. On the far side of the field was a bigger female bounding towards the hedge. What I guess was this year�s offspring stood and watched us for several minutes before elegantly making its way to mum in a series of high stepping trots and graceful bounds. One of their favourite foods are brambles, which have grown really well this year, so I think these deer have been living off the fat of the land. The female will have mated in August, but this youngster will stay with her until just before her fawn or fawns, they often have twins, are born next year in spring. Then she will drive the old one away and start the whole mothering process again. No rest for a mum!
Wendy Bathurst

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