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St Paul�s And Holy Cross

2nd of October 2007

It really is a joy to walk with my dog through the woods of Chipperfield Common: my favourite spot is that small area where there are just beech trees.  The other day the sunlight was streaming through the leaves making a patchwork of light and coloured shade.  I just stood and enjoyed.
It has always amazed me that where beech trees grow on their own, the ground beneath is always clear, giving a special sense of space and beauty: it must be something to do with the leaves� I would be interested to learn why, if you happen to know�
One of the reasons why I have a dog, yes she�s fun and lovely in her own right , is that I have walking time, which becomes thinking time.  That day I saw afresh �space dedicated to beech trees�;  nothing else cluttered the scene � the beauty was wondrous.  I began thinking about beauty, true beauty and dedication.  What is most important to me; to what � no, more importantly � to whom I am dedicated, deep down?  For that ultimately determines what sort of person I am, and then how I spend my time and energies � and how wise a dedication, might that ultimately turn out to be �
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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