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Carers In Hertfordshire

2nd of October 2007

We are an independent organisation providing information, support and advice to unpaid carers across the county � they maybe caring for a family member, friend or neighbour with an illness, disability � learning or physical or mental health illness and parent carers. There are approximately 15,000 carers in Watford & Three Rivers and at the moment we are in touch with about 900! So I hope you will be able to help �spread the word� about our organisation.
So what can we do for carers?
Information & support We can listen to the needs of carers and look at what might help them in their caring role, by helping them access statutory and voluntary organisations.
Financial help 40-60% of disability benefits go unclaimed each year. Many people simply do not get told about benefits they can claim. We can refer people to the Department of Work & Pensions, Citizen Advice Bureau or the Money Advice Unit.
Respite Carers need a break and we can help by pointing them towards organisations who offer a sitting service, such as Crossroads.
Someone to listen  If a carer wants to talk, we can offer a listening ear. We also have a Linkline service where a volunteer will call the carer on a regular basis to give support. In Watford & Three Rivers there is the �Carers Meeting Point� � an opportunity for carers to come along for a chat and a cuppa on the first Thursday of each month.
A voice We know that many carers want their voices heard in local planning & implementation, so we make sure they get to know about events and have a presence to do this.
How to contact Carers in Hertfordshire:- Julie Crossley. Carer Support Worker � Watford & Three Rivers, 22a High Street, Hemel Hempstead. Herts HP1 3AE
Tel: 01442 253344 Email:

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