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St Pauls And Holy Cross

20th of July 2007

The unveiling of the logo for the 2012 Olympic Games in London has provided considerable comment, much of it unfavourable, and ranging over a variety of issues, design and content being just two! Who would be a designer of such things!
This started me thinking, yet again, about the balance between medium and message, substance and presentation Ð critical in any form of communication. The message needs to be clear and concise, but the medium needs to be attractive and stimulating for the target audience — and in our amazingly diverse society, that is no easy task. Too much emphasis on presentation (a plague for politics at present?) can mean the message is unclear: yet if the presentation is boring Ð what message is conveyed?
Every ÔdisciplineÕ faces the same challenge. Some use Ôcomputer speakÕ which makes no sense to the uninitiated, and puts them off. The scientist has his jargon too (I think of “quarks”, which have “strangeness” and “charm” Ð just for starters!). Accountants have their own language, and the church is by no means immune!
My thoughts moved on. How does God, the Creator (so different from us, His creation!) communicate? Supremely He did this through a person, Jesus, stepping right outside His comfort zone Ð through the way he lived and loved, meeting people above all else where they were, expressing the most amazing message of all time in ways that attracted, and stimulated. TodayÕs church has much to learn Ð but I suspect she is by no means the only one Ð With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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