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Chipperfield Village Hall A.g.m.

20th of July 2007

The 23rd. A.G.M. was held at the Village Hall at 8.15 pm on Wednesday 23 May 2007.
The Chairman recorded the death of Tony Loveband, our treasurer for the last 12 years. A memorial service had been held on 16 February at St. PaulÕs Church, Chipperfield.
Richard Edwards welcomed Gladys Taaffe back after a serious illness and congratulated her on winning the Quiz Night Cash Prize, held on 12 May. He also congratulated Hugh Clifford for arranging such a successful evening, which made a profit in aid of Village Hall funds, with the final figure totalling £700.
He welcomed Rosemary Wakeham, the new Afternoon W.I. representative, who had succeeded Kathleen Batchelor, whom he thanked for her contribution in recent years.
The Chairman then went on to say the Committee had decided at its January meeting to retain and recover, as in the past, the tubular chairs and, as and when it was felt necessary in the future, to replace the more modern chairs, purchased 8 years ago, rather than pay out a large amount of money for a complete new set for the whole hall. New stage curtains and rails had been installed and the stage re-decorated at a total cost of £2,000. Internal decoration plans for the main hall, kitchen, bar, toilets and entrance hall, were in place for August 2007.
He wished to thank Dr. Mary West for donating the cutlery from the Luncheon Club to The Village Hall and to thank the Parish Council for their annual grant. Richard Edwards also thanked all Committee Members for their support throughout the year, and Moreen Wheeler, our Caretaker, for looking after the premises, and all hall user organisations.
Finally he reminded the meeting of the next fund raising event, the Barn Dance, on Saturday 10 November being organised by Anne Stickland.
The newly appointed Treasurer and Trustee, Tony Cornell, was welcomed to his first A.G.M. and presented the Accounts for the year ended 31 March 07. He explained that these accounts, as in previous years, had been prepared on an accruals basis and he would be looking at the possibility of presenting them on a cash basis in the future. The accounts under review showed total income up, just under a thousand pounds, thanks to The Village Day celebrations at The Manor House, shared equally with the Parish Church. Heat and light costs had increased by 40% over the year and was the main reason for total operating costs going up by just over a thousand, showing a small deficit for the year.
The Balance Sheet was strong, with funds of just under thirty thousand pounds. The contingent liability note referred to VAT not charged on certain refurbishment work carried out in 2003. The Report and Accounts were adopted by the meeting and are available on request.
The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for presenting the Accounts, which Tony Cornell had reviewed as in previous years in his capacity as Independent Examiner. Now that he was taking over as Hon. Treasurer, he and Richard Edwards would contact one or two local accountants, with a view to acting as our future Independent Examiner. The meeting passed a vote of thanks to Tony Cornell for his work in that capacity.
The election of the Committee members was confirmed. Peter Corbett reported the Chipperfield News was in good order. John Foulgham proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman. The meeting closed at 9.15 pm followed by wine and cheese.

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