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Youth Work

2nd of July 2007

On 19 and 20 May we had a warm fun weekend, with 25 children at Phasels woods, doing camp fires, BBQs, camping, cresta run and archery. Children even did some orienteering, and all found their ways home safely. Next Chipchops will be a sponsored bike ride on 15th / 16th Sept, camping at Belsize.
Visit of Retrak (formerly known as Tigers)
We had a Sunday evening service of fun and films, with Andy Williams on 29 April. Retrak has been very successful in resettling orphan “streetboys”, and we were pleased as a church to be able to donate over £500 to their excellent cause.
Cool Runnings
Last weekend, Jenny ran the monthly Saturday evening service, which is designed for families with commitments, who cannot attend on Sundays. The Incredibles was our film, and many of the children found out that they each have special talents, which Jesus helps them to recognise. We will meet on 30 June for a BBQ party at Angela Coakley’s house, and will be delighted to welcome also the children from Chernobyl, who will be visiting Sarratt.

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