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2nd of July 2007

The Chipperfield website ( is the fourth most visited village website in the UK with over 300 ‘unique visitors’ per day. Its creation was sponsored in 2003 by Chipperfield Parish Council and the main content is about Chipperfield, Chipperfield News, advertisements and village organisations. This website could be a real showcase for the village but is being underused at present. Two ways have been identified to revitalise the website to make it more useful and work for us:
1. We need two or three willing volunteers to jointly manage it and keep the content current. Please note that age is not a restriction and if a local student wishes to be involved for a school or college project then they would be very welcome.
2. Chipperfield Parish Council will be sponsoring an annual competition for the best society pages (in their judgement) and the prizes will be: £150 (first), £50 (second) and two £25 (third) prizes.
Societies need to keep contact details up-dated regularly. Also, society content can be anything relevant. For example, instead of a sports club listing only a name and phone number, it could have photos of the current team, fixture lists, a short history of the club, contact details of the captains, junior schemes, future and past events and so on. There is also space for video clips of matches.
For our advertisers we are looking at getting up-to-date details of village based tradesmen, companies, and shops onto the site. We are considering a welcome pack that would not only be online but also be given to new residents in the village. A welcome pack given to a newcomer last week contained only businesses and organisations in Kings Langley – we feel that we can do better than that!
Mike Joseph
Vice-Chairman, Chipperfield Parish Council

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