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Food Waste And A Fly Free Summer

2nd of July 2007

From the middle of June we shall be able to put food waste in both the grey and the green wheeled bins. However, food waste placed in your green bin must be wrapped in newspaper (not biodegradable shopping bags). Do not put any plastic bags in your green bin as they will contaminate the whole load in the collection vehicle. Food waste put into your grey bin can be wrapped in any type of bag, including plastic. To prevent flies and smells:
¥ line your bin
newspaper in the bottom of your green bin will prevent
items sticking.
Use bin liners for you grey bin.
¥ wrap your food waste in newspaper
¥ DonÕt leave food waste uncovered in the kitchen
Since the introduction of green wheeled bins four years ago, 30 thousand tonnes of garden waste and cardboard has been collected in Dacorum Borough for composting.
Over 35 thousand tonnes of glass, newspapers, plastic bottles, food and drink cans have been collected for recycling. This means that 40% of the boroughÕs ÔwasteÓ has been recycled.

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