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2nd of June 2007

Dear Editor
I would like to express my gratitude to the people who deliver Chipperfield News, they go out in all weather and it is always a pleasure to know what is going on in the village. I do wish to receive it and am very grateful to all the people who contribute to its
publication and delivery. I know that very little thanks ever goes their way.
However, I am rather concerned about the way in which the paper is left, last month it was found lying outside our front door and this month it was sticking half way through the letter box. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we all have to be aware of protecting our properties and need all the help we can get. The fact that there may be cars on the drive does not necessarily mean that the house is occupied, and for safety’s sake it would be appreciated if the paper could be pushed through the letter box at all times.
Would it be possible to add a little article in the next edition of Chipperfield News to this effect. I do not wish to give you my name and address, guess that you can appreciate why. Many thanks.

A letter to the Daily Telegraph from Mrs. Pamela Hatt of Berkhamsted –
Some time ago, when I applied for a new driving licence, it was posted to me as Mrs. Watt. I sent it back, with the request: ‘Please note that my name is Hatt, not Watt. Back it came – addressed to Mrs. Hattno Twatt. They did get it right the third time.

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