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The Play Area At The Mount Prison, Bovingdon

2nd of March 2006

Imagine being a child visiting your father in prison: a tiring journey, being searched, then a large, bleak room with Dad waiting for you to kiss and cuddle him. You tell Dad what you’ve been doing at home and at school, but the world ‘outside’ seems remote to him. He and Mum have problems to sort out: no money for new shoes, having to move house, people asking questions about Dad’s friends. Instead of sitting fidgeting, you can go to the nice bright corner of the room, where cheerful ladies don’t ask awkward questions but read you a book or give you toys, or crayons to make a picture for Dad. You can run in and out when you want, before Mum calls you to say goodbye. Then the journey home, with Mum looking worried and sad.
We desperately need volunteers for our Sunday afternoon sessions in the Play Area. Would you give up a couple of hours, say once a month – on a regular basis, so that we can plan? We give security training and a staff member or an experienced volunteer is always in charge. No-one ever works on their own.
Please help us to create a happy environment for these disadvantaged children. Come and look round without commitment.

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