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St Paul's And Holy Cross

2nd of March 2006

Reflections for March….
“New Walks on Old paths”
Judy and I were very grateful to receive this little booklet of a collection of twelve circular walks around Sarratt, compiled by the local WI, when we moved in just a year ago.
After a very hectic week and a busy Saturday morning, we looked at each other and simultaneously said “walk”! The sun was bright in a wonderfully blue winter sky: a good walk was needed and, in the company of our ever-eager dog, enjoyed. Three hours of bracing air, time to enjoy each other, and the lovely countryside – to be refreshed, to reflect: and just to “be”.
Time to be. We live in a society which seems increasingly obsessed with productivity (at the expense of “being”). The resultant stresses and strains do us no favours. It is good to be productive, but for that we need time to “be”.
I was freshly struck by the title of this little book of walks, “New Walks” on “Old Paths”. I sense we neglect some of the “old Paths” to our cost. The old paths of remembering:
That we are creatures with a Creator, not masters
That despite our seeming technological competence, this is God’s world before it is ours
That He is interested in us, and longs to share Himself with us – for that is the message of Jesus, one which many in our land seem to have long forgotten, if indeed they ever realised it properly in the first place. (That very early narrative of the Garden of Eden, properly read, speaks of Adam and Eve enjoying God’s garden with Him.)
In a rapidly changing world, perhaps our greatest need is to discover “New Walks” on these “Old Paths” – new ways of enjoying the unchanging God in our frantic world.
Come to think about it, that is what the Christian season of “Lent”, which begins on March 1st, is meant to be about. – Time to reflect, and renew our relationship with the One who proved His love for us and His Lordship over all through His Cross and Resurrection.
Maybe it is hard work discovering new ways to walk on old paths, but it will not be time and energy wasted.
With my greetings, Jim Stevens

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