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Handbag Snatch

2nd of March 2006

A reader writes: Following a recent incident in which my wife’s handbag was stolen, I thought your readers might like to be forewarned so that they can take appropriate precautions. As my wife turned into our drive she pressed the garage door remote control, unlocked the car doors and whilst waiting for the garage door to open, her front passenger door was opened, a hand reached in and stole her handbag from the footwell. The thief, we assume, ran for the car being driven by an accomplice and left the scene.
The police theory is that whilst my wife was parked in Bovingdon shops car park she was seen and followed home. The incident took place at 6.45pm.
Police attendance was an hour due to the low priority given the ‘theft’ (I would describe it as aggravated robbery – or perhaps ‘highway robbery’). Police assistance once they arrived was excellent and follow up has been superb. The bag has been recovered in Luton although it is still long odds on the offenders being caught. Despite the recovery of the bag, all our locks and burglar alarm systems have had to be replaced and of course credit cards, etc – all for £15 and whatever the thieves might have extracted via the cards.

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