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Christian Aid In Chipperfield

2nd of March 2006

This year, for the first time, Chipperfield churches will organise a House to House collection during Christian Aid Week, 14-20 May.
Christian Aid works through 600 partner organisations in 50 countries strengthening local people to find their own solutions to the problems they face, and is able to respond quickly to provide emergency relief in disasters. After the Tsunami Christian Aid provided immediate help through existing partners in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Shelter kits and food packages were distributed to 15,000 survivors of the earthquake in Kashmir by funds channelled through Action by Churches Together and a grant to Islamic Relief. Through the Church World Service, Christian Aid organised an airlift of shelters to the most remote areas.
An important part of the work of Christian Aid and its supporters is to challenge the root causes of poverty and build a movement for justice. From the beginning Christian Aid has been a leader in the Trade Justice Movement, lobbying for fair wages and conditions for workers in poor countries, enabling them to feed and educate their children. There have been some successes in obtaining debt relief, resulting in many thousands of children in poor countries receiving free primary education and others have been immunised against childhood diseases. Much more needs to be done. Half the world lives on little more than £1 a day. Every day 50,000 people die because of poverty.
Will you help by giving a donation when you receive a Christian Aid envelope in May? Even better, will you be a house to house collector? The more collectors we have the smaller the job for each collector.
If you are willing to be a collector would you please contact Brenda Harpley (01923 269574) or Janet Cornell (01923 262468)

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