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A Reply From The Rudolph Steiner School

8th of January 2006

I just got a reply from the Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley to my email (above). It certainly throws light on the subject, and I am thanking them for taking the trouble, and I’m telling them that I do remember Miss Cross (a great name for a teacher). and my memory of her is only that of a small boy keeping his respectful distance from the head mistress.

My email from Jeremy Smith, January 8, 2006:

“Happy New Year, Mr Clark and thanks for your email on 12th December to the Rudolf Steiner School, Kings Langley – please excuse the delay in replying.

I was very interested to hear of your memories of the school and would love to know if you have any memories of Miss Margaret Cross, who started the school. Miss Cross fell out with a number of the teachers because she did not want to have a College of Teachers, as is standard practice in Steiner schools, and instead preferred to remain in sole charge. The teachers eventually left and started up their own school next door in 1949 (originally known as the New School), while Miss Cross continued to run her original school for a few more years. This is why we say that the school opened in 1949. Eventually, Miss Cross died and left the Priory to the Christian Community, while the New School continued to grow and develop and changed its name to the present one – the Priory was eventually passed on to the New School so that nowadays Miss Cross’s school and the New School are one and the same.

Thank you for writing to us,

Kind regards”

Jeremy Smith
(Co-Chair of the College of Teachers)

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Ms K Lloyd-Manning

I went to this school,in the 1970`s it was dreadful. They used to say to unsuspecting parents, we don`t believe in hitting the the dear childeren, when in fact the opposit was true

February 16, 2010

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