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New Footpaths

2nd of September 2005

Chris and John Saunders of Rose Farm have generously agreed to allow a permissive footpath along the bottom of their field in Dunny Lane. This will give pedestrians a safe route from the end of the footway outside The Thatch to the existing kissing gate and footpath (Number 10), which crosses the field from Dunny Lane to The Common. A new kissing gate will be installed to allow access to the new path from The Thatch end.
Malcolm Durrant, our Village Warden, has cut back all growth along the neglected footpath which runs from the 30mph sign in Dunny Lane at The Dell, up the bank by the side of the recently planted trees to The Common/Windmill Hill. This will provide a safe route for walkers avoiding the road up Windmill Hill and may be adopted as a Right of Way.

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