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Odd Plot Restored

2nd of May 2005

Work is in hand to improve the odd plot of land in front of the Youth Club at the entrance to the school. Technically part of the Common, this area has been neglected for years and was full of overgrown laurel bushes, surrounded by a sea of mud created by the children using it as a short cut to the school gates.
Following reported incidents that children had been frightened by a man lurking in the bushes, the Parish Council decided to take the matter in hand and had the laurel bushes cut down. Pupils at the school were invited to give the Parish Council their ideas for the plot and as many as are practically possible will be introduced. (We couldn’t manage the requested Batman hut or swimming pool!)
The old tatty notice board has been removed (to be replaced by a new one) and the broken seat removed which Terry Timberlake has kindly repaired and restored.
A properly constructed path across the plot has been created for the children to use and a new paved area installed where Terry’s restored seat will be placed. This should make more comfortable place for Mums (and others) to sit.
The old hedgerow on the right-hand side of the plot has been pruned back and cleared of holly, weeds and rubbish and suitable wild flower seeds will be sown on the bank below it. Following consultation with Dacorum’s Woodland Officer and the Countryside Management Service, the Parish Council plan to plant a dogwood hedge along the chainlink fence in front of the Youth Club this autumn.
If you have any shrubs you no longer want and plan to remove from your garden in the next few weeks, we may be able to provide them with a new home on this plot. Please contact Joanne Deacon, the Parish Clerk on 01923 263310 if you have anything to offer.
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