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2nd of May 2005

Our May Fair is fast approaching, and we are being kept busy with the inevitable preparations. (See advert on page 5 of this issue).
Please note the date now and come to support us on the day, it’s always an enjoyable time. If anyone can provide items for the stalls or help to man the stalls on the day, we will be very pleased to hear from you!
We are praying for fine weather so that the Fair can be held outdoors, will you pray with us?

Greetings from Rev. Jim Stevens
Well, thank you; thank you for the welcome that Judy and I have received as we have moved into the village, and met all sorts of people, whose names it is going to take a long time to learn. It seems a little late to say ‘thank you’, but it is the first opportunity we’ve had of putting something in Chipperfield News.
A welcome is a real resource; freely offered, it really does help those who receive it to settle in and feel at home; for as some of you will easily remember moving home from somewhere you’ve been really happy is never easy. So a welcome is a lovely resource to be given to enjoy.
Resources are vital; I love walking through the trees on the Common. Their splendour is only there because of resources provided for them – good soil, air, sunshine, rain… As they receive, they grow.
And what resources do we need to be human – fully human? Well I guess we would rank love, wisdom, truthfulness, friendship, reliability, highly on our list.
One of the amazing things about Christian faith is that all the resources of Heaven, all the resources of God himself are actually available appropriate to our need, to people like you and me. How is that? Because there is Man in Heaven – the Man Jesus Christ – who lived a real human life, died, was raised on Easter Morning, and ‘ascended’ there! Thus He is able to resource from there anyone who is vitally connected! This is what the festivals of the Ascension (May 5th) and Whitsun or Pentecost (May 15th) celebrate. Jesus in heaven sending the resources of God – God the Holy Spirit – to ordinary people, who are by faith connected to them, appropriate to need!
My home is resourced electrically because it is vitally connected to the source of power. I can be resourced by ‘heaven’ – with God’s truth, God’s patience, God’s love, God’s everything – if I focus on keeping the connection open! And the connection is called faith – a resting in the Person and promises of Jesus – with a willingness to listen and trust and obey Him. Peace be with you.
Jim Stevens.

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